Waldmann Pens Silver 925

Since 2003 `Tregawne` have been the Sole UK Distributor for Waldmann KG Pens. We are proud to say that all our Waldmann sterling silver pens sold in the UK, have all been checked by the Birmingham Assay Office, and each pen over the required weight is fully hallmarked. To date Waldmann are one of the main manufacturers specialising in bespoke writing instruments, and have produced exclusive pens and Limited Editions for many famous companies from all sectors. Working together with Waldmann, Tregawne have supplied many UK companies with exclusive writing instruments in many different designs & finishes. Please contact Tregawne for further information on bespoke designs. Continued below……..

Tregawne introduced the Waldmann brand into the UK. The Waldmann Pen Brand (visit their Official Website) has been steadily growing in popularity, and can be purchased in many outlets in the UK and abroad. Waldmann now sell their writing instruments in over 65 countries worldwide including London, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, New York & Tokyo.  Please note that some Waldmann Pens sold online through companies from abroad may not be checked and therefore will not be hallmarked which is against British Trading Standards. Please contact Tregawne for approved stockists for the Waldmann sterling silver pens.


Waldmann Pens History:

Waldmann Pens have been manufacturing their writing instruments in Pforzheim, Black Forest in Germany since 1918, and to date still 100% manufacture from the same location. Waldmann have achieved worldwide patents for their pens with special twist mechanisms for 2 and 4 colour pen systems. The 4 colour twist mechanism was honoured, and won a silver medal in the World Exposition in Paris in 1937.


Some Famous Moments for Waldmann Pens:

Waldmann `Epoque` two colour ballpoint pen featured in the film “Catch me if you Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.
Michael Schumacher was nominated as a `Legend of Sports 2012`. In remembrance he was presented by the organisers with a Diamond studded Waldmann fountain pen made from `925` solid Sterling Silver.
Official supplier of a spectacular writing instrument for the `Byron Nelson` professional Golf Tournament in the USA. Former winners, amongst them Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc., were awarded with this amazing pen given by the organisers of that Tournament.
For the 150 years Jubilee of the Sailing Competition `America`s Cup` in the year 2000, Waldmann produced a Solid Silver Fountain pen engraved with longitude & latitude markings covered in translucent blue lacquer.
In the German magazine `Focus`, Waldmann won an award for the `Xetra Vienna` models: 0299 & 0300 for `Manufacturing Product of the Year 2014` in Germany.