`Edelfeder` Pens

EDELFEDER – This is a pen which is loved by all who see it, because of its special features. The Edelfeder top is sterling silver which features alternate plain and barley panels and a large panel for engraving. At the top of this, is a ring of coloured lacquer to match the base. On the flat top is featured a feather quill pen, from where it derives is name. The barrel of the pen is available either in a multi layered, highly polished champagne colour or if you prefer, the multi layered highly polished black. The metallic chocolate version is coated in PVD. These beautiful pens are in a choice of ballpoints, roller balls, fountain pens or pencils. The fountain pens in this design are also offered with an iridium tipped steel nib or an iridium tipped 18ct gold bi-colour nib.

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