`Tregawne` offer a great selection of sterling silver keyrings below including: Rugby, football, tennis, cricket, & golfball. Letters A to Z and numbers 0 – 9 including 21, 30, 40, 50 and 60. We have a yacht, anchor, soldier, musical notes , oval, round and square, and many other novelty keyrings. Please scroll through our pages for your perfect gift.

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If you are looking for a specific sterling silver keyring, you may find it in our large selection of silver keyrings. We not only offer the different shaped keyrings, but we can now offer the A to Z and the 1 to 0 numbers enabling you to make up initials or double numbers. We have all the sporting keyrings now including cycling and yachting. Our animal keyrings are always popular and added to our Dog, Cat, Fish and Horse we now we have the Piglet keyring. Other very popular keyrings are the musical notes, the double note, single note and the treble clef and the Electric Guitar and the Acoustic Guitar. We have now introduced the embossed baby feet which is proving to be a success too. All our sterling silver keyrings are hallmarked and boxed and can be engraved with names, dates or initials.