Novelty Gifts

Novelty Silver Gifts – Tregawne pride ourselves in being able to offer a large selection of Novelty gifts for all the family and friends, including the following; various sauces, Dog whistles, matchbox cover, party popper, ice cream scoop, dice tubes, and playing card holders. We also have many novelty cufflinks such as Wellington boots, bicycles, suits, Chocolate block, and musical symbols. Our beautiful hand made wheel barrow and spade, watering can and bucket and spade. Other items include the Scottie dog keyrings, silver plectrum, Dice tubes with dice, money tubes, Lapel flower holder and our mussel eaters.

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Our beautiful hand made table accessories consist of the silver/gilt wheelbarrow and spade for your salt, the silver/gilt bucket, and shovel for your mustard, and the silver/gilt watering can pepper pot. These three items are handcrafted by our skilled silversmith and have such precise detail in them. They can be bought separately or as a set. Other items for the tabletop are our famous sauces, these are supplied with a silver lid and make a wonderful gift for the person who has everything, the silver chip fork and the Champagne cork cap which can also be engraved. Other items in this section are our silver plated/gold plated mussel eaters, very useful when you are out to dine, the ice cream scoop, the matchbox cover, and the wine thermometer.  We specialize in silver novelty cufflinks which are always popular including the musical notes, the treble clef, the bicycle and wellington boots which are available in a green lacquer or plain silver, the chocolate block, and the plectrum.  Please look in Cufflinks for the full range.  Other popular gifts under this heading are, the lapel flower holder, the Coin holder which will hold up to 10 £1 coins.  Very popular at any time of the year are the Dice tubes, for those board games whose dice have been lost. In a silver tube, there are 4 white dice, in the glass tube there are five white dice or five poker dice and we have a small travel dice tube with 5 small colored dice. We also offer two gambling coins in silver with win/lose or heads/tails, these are a popular pocket gift if you play ball sports such as Golf.  Other items include two sizes of Scottie dog keyring, toothpicks topped with an enameled tooth, the eyeglass in silver and our specialty shells. The Oyster shell is cast from a real oyster shell so has all the detail of the original living shell. The starfish paperweight, which again is cast from a real Starfish, these are then electroformed in silver. The Scallop shell is, however, a real shell underneath so the shapes and sizes of these will differ slightly as shells are living things and grow differently.