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In this pewter range you will find a selection of very interesting gifts. Tregawne are offering a magnificent drinking horn, this is a real horn decorated in pewter and lined for the purpose of using. It has a pewter stand, it can be engraved and is presented in a gift box. A really luxurious gift for a special person. Still on the drinking theme, Tregawne have available this very sporting stirrup cup. The base of the pewter stirrup cup is a fox head, the body of the cup is highly polished and holds approximately 2oz of liquid. It is beautifully crafted and would be an asset to any sporting persons bar. More info below.

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Another drinking item is the pewter double measure. This also is an excellent gift for the drinks cabinet. It is a normal cup shape with a triple decorative groove pattern around the top of each measure. The measures hold 1 oz and 2oz respectively and the pewter double measure is presented in a box and will make an excellent gift. Tregawne are also offering this beautifully decorated pewter candle holder with spike to hold the candle in place. The candle holder sturdy and are sold with a candle and are boxed. The pewter candle holder measures approximately 5” and has a lovely Celtic Quadrant pattern around the base and the dish. A lovely gift for any occasion .Next, a selection of 3 Pewter Napkin Rings in different patterns and are available in the following designs: plain with touch marks; plain with double grove and a Celtic weave design. The napkin ring with the Celtic weave design is slightly larger and narrower than the Plain & Grooved napkin rings. Each Pewter napkin ring can be purchased individually or in multiples but will be individually gift box.